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About Company
Switzerland Bodybuilding Bio-Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is an evolving biotechnology company licensed to research,develop,manufacture,market and distribute API,pharmaceutical intermediates,and drug products. We are committed to providing our customer high quality chemicals and biological products. With years of professional genetic engineering and enzyme engineering experience,the company is professional in recombinant proteins and recombinant enzyme technology. Each year,we supply quality products to pharmaceutical companies,health care,cosmetics,food and agricultural industry all over the world.
Switzerland Bodybuilding provides a broad medicines for patients suffering from liver disease,nerve injury and cancer,etc. Our key products include recombinant human growth hormone (r - hGH),Ademetionine 1,4-Butanedisulfonate (SAM) and Monosialotetrahexosylganglioside Sodium (GM1). These products could be used in dietary supplements and cosmetics to prevent people from aging and help them stay healthy and fit.
Switzerland Bodybuilding is located in Changchun city of Northeast China,It lies in the region of high -tech industrial development zone which is famous as” the city of biomedicine”. Our plant is fully equipped with up-to-date production machines,analysis and storage facilities. We have 30000 m2 clean workshop which meet applicable GMP standards,including a genetic engineering production line,a biochemical production line,a sterile lyophilizing line,a Small-Volume injection production line.
Relying on the talent management system,Switzerland Bodybuilding has the world-class research team comprising more than 40 highly-educated R&D specialists,as well as hundreds of production staff. With passion,creativity,and expertise in gene engineering,pharmacology,chemistry and microbiology,our team is able to produce work that is functional yet elegant.
Our company is focused on both the domestic and international markets,our products have been exporting to more than 10 countries and regions such as the United States,Canada ,South Korea,Russia,Iran and Kazakhstan.
The company has been adhering to the concept of "responsibility,innovation,faith and trust",contributing to human health and well-being. At Switzerland Bodybuilding,we are driving change to defeat disease and making our products as widely accessible as possible to countries at all levels of income and development.
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