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Product Verification
Welcome to Swisstropin™ & SwissHCG™ Anti-counterfeiting center
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In order to assure all the Swisstropin™ & SwissHCG™ users are enjoying the benefits of authentic Swisstropin™ & SwissHCG™, Swisstropin™ & SwissHCG™ Brand Team is actively finding the solutions to verify authenticity of your Swisstropin™ & SwissHCG™. Currently, you can easily identify your Swisstropin™ & SwissHCG™ by the texture of the anti-counterfeiting sticker on the package.
Step 1
Before you open the kit, please observe the sticker carefully before you open the kit. First of all it should be intact. But it is not enough! Some fake Swisstropin™ & SwissHCG™ might have similar texture anti-counterfeiting stickers as original Swisstropin™ & SwissHCG™. Be careful!!
Step 2
Query the serial numbers on the sticker. If the sticker is intact, please simply read the 12-digital serial numbers on the sticker then enter them in the below verification form and press the “Verify Now” button.
Step 3
sticke Identify your anti-counterfeiting stict,If you buy the Official Original Swisstropin™ & SwissHCG™,It will be shown as follow:
Congratulation !
It is Valid Serial Number !
You buy the Official Original Products.
Please Feel Relieved About Usage.
Serial No:
Warning: Lots of fake kits are in market, so be careful and don't buy from unauthorized distributors. In case of doubt ask about your source from us.