Swisstropin & SwissHCG

What is Swisstropin™ ?
What is Swisstropin™ ?
What is Swisstropin™ ?

Swisstropin™ [rDNA origin] is a way to supply natural growth human growth hormone for people who may deficient or may require higher levels of this hormone. Swisstropin is identical to natural growth hormone that your pituitary gland produces because it is made by secretion technology that makes a 191 amino acid sequence.

Swisstropin™ is an injectable human growth hormone of the highest grade. HGH which is naturally produced by the pituitary glad is responsible for many functions in the human body. HGH promotes muscle development while decreasing fat, promoting a favorable body composition It also helps with lowering cholesterol and feelings of well-being.

People who are deficient in GH usually have weak bones, decreased muscle strength, increased body fat, higher cholesterol and may suffer from depression. Swisstropin may help in such cases.

Swisstropin™ can be used for various treatments.

It can be used in cases of lack of natural growth hormone in children and adults. It can also be used in cases when normal levels of growth hormone are produced but above normal levels are desirable. In children it can be used when lack of natural growth hormone is produced, therefore stature problems may occur so Swisstropin can be given as an aid to increase child growth. In adults it can be used in cases in which natural growth hormone have declined. It can increase muscle mass, decrease body fat and improve the skin elastically and decrease wrinkles. Other treatments in which Swisstropin can be used are Turner's syndrome, organ transplantations, burns and trauma

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